Scott Hymes Democratic Candidate for Anne Arundel’s 4th Council District

Scott Hymes

  • Citizen and Environmental Advocate
  • Proven Community Leader
  • Small Business Owner 

I’m running for County Council because Anne Arundel County is at a pivotal time and politics can stand in the way of progress.

With the fiscal challenges we face and the economic opportunities we have, we need someone who can bring everyone together to make a difference in the lives of the people in our wonderful county. I need your support to get elected to the Anne Arundel County Council so I can give back to the county I grew up in and love.

Thank You,


Experience & Leadership with
Common Sense Solutions

  • Create a technology corridor in West County to bring new jobs and businesses to our area and support BRAC.
  • Ensure that all of our schools have equal resources and support to give our kids a world class education.
  • Make sure that our new storm water utility fees will be used efficiently and effectively so we can have clean and healthy waterways.
  • Help the veterans of our county to have the job opportunities and resources they need to succeed in civilian life.
  • Bring back respect and dignity back to our county and make citizens proud of our local government again.