Scott Hymes – Former Candidate for Anne Arundel Council District 4

Scott Hymes


  • Citizen and Environmental Advocate
  • Proven Community Leader
  • Small Business Owner

Thank you for your support for my race for Anne Arundel County Council. Although it didn’t turn out like we wanted, I am humbled by the support of my friends and supporters.  The 142 vote difference may be a small margin but Andrew Pruski is the victor and we need to get him elected this fall.

Thank You,



Experience & Leadership with
Common Sense Solutions


ENDORSED BY Councilman Jamie Benoit
Ensure all students have a healthy & safe learning environmentUse innovative financing for school construction and repairsAttract the State’s best teachers with competitive salariesMake sure all of our schools have equal resources and support

Increase advanced programs and give our kids a world class education

Create a technology center in West County to create jobs

Clean up our waterways and while growing responsibly

Help our returning veterans & intelligence personnel transition to our local workforce

Institute a mentorship program in the schools to help train students for careers

Make sure our new storm water utility fees will be used efficiently and effectively so we can have clean and healthy waterways

Grow responsibly and greener

Preserve more green-space

Public Safety and County Services
Restore & support our public services for seniors and families

Fully staff our Police and Fire Departments

Protect the pensions of our local heroes

Create incentives for volunteering for emergency services

Bring back respect and dignity to our county and make citizens proud of our local government again

Some current Issues I would like to tackle:
Complete the Odenton Town Center and MARC Train Parking Garage

Build a 13th High School in Crofton

Keep the former Navy Dairy Farm organic

Expand Rt. 175 around Ft. Meade

Fix traffic problems on Rt. 3 through Crofton

Prevent the rubble landfill proposals in Odenton lcv logo SierraClub_Endorsement_final


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